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Here Are Some Really Good Shotguns For Home Defense

Shotguns have been around for quite a long time, they’re easy to load and very easy to shoot. You simply point them at a target, fire…and chances are, that whatever you aim at, is going down.

But in today’s market, there are many different shotguns to choose from, there are single barrel/single shot, pump, and semi-auto shotguns, so which one do you choose from, after all, there are so many.

Semi-auto shotguns tend to be a little ammo picky, but easier to use and faster for follow-up shots. I’m a proponent of semi-auto shotguns, but a good pump action will most assuredly get the job done.

However, finding the best shotgun is a difficult task. It can be confusing when you walk into your favorite gun store and see dozens of different shotguns.

Which works and which doesn’t? In the video below, they break down your choices for the best home defense shotgun and explain what makes a shotgun perfect for protecting your home and family.

For the sake of argument, the producers of the video have named 5 shotguns that they think would be perfect for home defense, but chances are if you already have a shotgun at home, obviously that’s the one you’ll use to protect your home and family.

So, I guess, this video would pertain to those of you who haven’t bought a shotgun yet. But if you like any of the ones spotlighted in the video, by all means, go buy it. After all, ‘the more the merrier’ I always say!

Here is a list of the shotguns spotlighted in the video below:

✅1. Wilson Combat CQB Shotgun

✅2. Stoeger Double Defense OU

✅3. FABARM Professional STF 12 – Pump Shotgun

✅4. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

✅5. Stoeger P350 Defense



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