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If You Spend Alot Of Time In The Woods Here Are 5 Of The Best Scout Rifles Available Today

If you are an avid outdoorsman and spend alot of time in the woods, then you understand the need to carry a powerful, yet lightweight rifle when trekking in the bush. In the video below, they talk about 5 of the best scout rifles on the market today.

Anyone of these rifles’ that you choose, would be ideal for long trips out in the woods, they’re lightweight and have detachable box magazines so that you can carry a good amount of ammunition for that “just incase” factor. It’s better to have enough ammunition and not need it, than not having enough when you do need it the most.

The scout rifle is the perfect blend of the hard hitting punch from a high powered rifle but in a lightweight and more compact size. Their size and capability makes them perfect as a mid range hunter, or long range rifle. These 5 are some of the top scout rifles on the market today. While the cost varies greatly, all of them are reliable and great quality rifles.

Here are 5 rifles to choose from and if you have a favorite, the choice will be easy to make.

1. Mossberg MVP Scout

2. Savage 110 Scout

3.Ruger Gunsite Scout

4. Steyr Scout

5.Springfield Scout Squad



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