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If You’re A Die-Hard “Squatcher” Then You Should Pay A Visit To The ‘North American Bigfoot Center’ In Boring Oregon


Finding Bigfoot is returning, but you’ll have to pay to watch

Two weeks ago, my wife Janet and I did something rather special for my 64th birthday, we drove to Boring, Oregon, and payed a visit to the North American Bigfoot Center (see flyer below). Since we live in Vancouver, Washington, it was only a 26 mile drive and it was a fun thing to do on a sunny Saturday morning.

The NABC is owned and operated by Cliff Barackman (pictured above at top of page), one of the cast members of the Animal Planet television show “Finding Bigfoot”. Cliff himself was there and we spoke for almost 20 minutes and he seemed like a very nice and amicable person, not at all pretentious and he was happy to answer any and all questions that we had. Cliff is most definitely a ‘believer’ in sasquatch and if you speak to him, that comes across immediately.
After speaking with Cliff, we went into the museum and it was quite fascinating. There were many different foot-castings and also other information that any self-respecting “Squatcher” could wish to see. Since we live in the heart of the Pacific Northwest we are literally smack-dab in the middle of the Sasquatch territory and range.
Afterwards we went into the gift shop and purchased a couple of items. If you ever find yourself in Boring, Oregon, I highly recommend that you pay the NABC a visit, even if you aren’t a “believer”, it is worth your time to see.



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