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Is The U.S. Government Hiding Evidence Of The Existence Of Sasquatch…Watch The Videos And Decide For Yourself

My job is not to make a judgement call on anything, my job is to present evidence and let you, the reader decide, what is fact, or fiction.  If you have ever seen the Patterson-Gimlin film (below) from 1967, you may, or may not believe in the existence of Sasquatch.

Many have said that this is a hoax and the now famous photo of “Patty” (as she’s called), is nothing more than a man in a monkey suit. Many Hollywood special effect artists of that time have said that the technology then (1967), was not available to make such a costume.

It is clear when you see the footage, that there is very definable muscle mass and movement on the creature and the fact that it has breasts, is also very visible.

But like I said, my job isn’t to try and “prove” anything, my job is merely to present evidence and let you decide. I am going to place three videos in this article, take the time and watch each one and afterwards, make-up your own mind.

Roger Patterson, the man who took the now world famous footage, went to his grave in 1972 and swore on his death-bed that the footage he took was authentic. His partner, Bob Gimlin who is now 90 years old, also swears as to the authenticity of the footage.

The reason I am writing this article is, on October 30th of this year, my wife and I paid a visit to The North American Bigfoot Center and we both found it quite fascinating. My wife, who is a die-hard skeptic even admitted to me that the evidence there was so compelling, that she said it was hard not to believe in Sasquatch afterwards. Take that with a grain of salt.

But I digress, watch the two videos below and listen very carefully, names, dates and even the U.S. Government is mentioned (by name)  regarding this subject.

After doing so, you can draw your own conclusions as to what you do, or don’t believe and so I’ll leave this right there.

If this creature does exist, it most certainly would be the most incredible zoological discovery of this century and speaking for myself, I find it very plausible that the United States Government is probably hiding evidence from the public about the  existence of this creature. But, if they are doing so, there are several reasons as to why they are, if it were found that this creature does exist, it would change everything regarding our forests and public land.

Remember all the hub-bub about the spotted owl? That small animal and it’s habitat virtually crippled our logging industry overnight and if it were proven to the public that a large bipedal animal DOES roam our forests, it would shut-down all industry related to that field. I know that sounds selfish, but millions of people would lose their jobs overnight and it would cripple our economy and we would never financially recover from a blow like that.

So, what I’m saying is, I hope Sasquatch remains a mystery, after all, imagine what would happen to this animal if people actually knew they did exist, we would inadvertently bring about the extinction of another species. Because, humans don’t share this planet very well with animals as it is.

So, what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below, I would really like to know what you all thought.



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