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Matt From Demolition Ranch Demonstrates How Hurt You Would Be If Your Bullet Proof Vest ‘CAUGHT’ The Bullet

Just when you think that Matt Carriker couldn’t get any more outrageous than he already is, he always manages to take it up another five notches! In today’s video, Matt demonstrates what would happen when you are shot wearing level 4 body armor. Using a simulated human torso from, Matt is going to try and see just what type of injuries that can be done to the human body if it is struck with live ammunition while wearing body armor.

Here is some info directly from their website @ Ballistic Dummy Lab:

Now that you are up to speed, let’s see just what Matt can do as he attempts to show you just what happens when you are shot while wearing body armor.

The reason I’m not going to ramble on is quite simple, this is purely a visual exercise so that you can see for yourself what happens and then you can make your own decision as to what kind (and what level) of body armor to purchase.

Folks, I know I probably don’t need to say anything, but I’m going to anyway: DO NOT TRY THIS TYPE OF DEMONSTRATION AT HOME!!



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