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Here Are The Top 10 Most Vicious Animal Attacks And How To Survive Them

Arrogantly, humans believe that we are at the top of the food chain, but that simply isn’t true. As you will see in the video below, if we didn’t have firearms, human beings wouldn’t stand a very good chance out in the wild.

Oh sure, we could make spears and even bows and arrows, but if faced with a large predator, you’d have to hit the animals with a perfect shot to the heart, or brain, to stop it in it’s tracks. You have to remember, that human beings have had weapons like that for thousands of years and it still didn’t make the playing field even.

We are so arrogant, that we stroll out into the woods without a care all the time without weapons and once we do that, we are ringing the dinner bell for any large predator and even large vegetarian’s to attack.

You have to remember, that when we step foot into an animals territory, unless we are properly armed, we are virtually helpless and if a large animal sees us as a threat, we don’t stand much of a chance.

Scientists have estimated that humans are in the middle of the food chain, like pigs’ or anchovies’. So you may need to learn how to survive some skilled predators.

The video below can help with that. Millions of people succumb to ferocious creatures every year. So the producers of the video below put together a list of the top 10 most dangerous animals and how you can survive their attacks.

Which land mammal can swallow you whole? How could your pet be as dangerous as a wild animal? And which predator kills the most people? Watch the video and all of your questions will be answered.

And remember, when you go out into nature, it’s always best to learn which kind of animals live in that area, so that you can take the proper precautions to insure that your time out in the bush will be a safe one.



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