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[Video] Scott Of Kentucky Ballistics Presents: The Almighty BAR

Scott has a real treat for us today, he just purchased the Ohio Ordnance Works, M1918A3 BAR (Semi-auto version) chambered in 30-06 and he’s going to take it to the range and shoot-up a bunch of stuff. I really am jealous, I’ve always wanted a BAR, but because I’m just a poor writer, it’s a little bit out of my price range.

But I digress, I still like watching somebody else having fun shooting a new gun and so, I won’t begrudge Scott on the purchase of his new toy.

What I will do, is place the info and specs on this baby here for you to go over that come directly from and I’ll place the contact info for Ohio Ordnance Works beneath the video, just incase you want to place an order for yourself.


The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) model 1918
was developed by John M. Browning in 1917.
Approximately 350,000 were produced through
the end of World War II. Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc.
produces a semi-automatic reproduction (M1918A3,
based on WWII version) of this venerable design so
that you can own a piece of history. The only one of
it’s kind in production anywhere in the world, it is
manufactured with some of the original USGI WWI
and WWII parts.

For the last 21 years we have taken great care in the
building of each rifle. Only the highest quality Ohio
Ordnance new manufacture and USGI standard
parts are used in its production. Our receivers are
machined from AISI 4140 steel billet on our state
of the art CNC machining centers. Every rifle is fully
assembled, inspected, test fired, and re-inspected
under the direct supervision of our master armorer
The entire manufacturing process is accomplished at
our facility in Chardon, Ohio. Our team is made up of
experts in the military ordnance field, with a
combined 100 plus years experience.

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle - Wikipedia

Caliber: .30-06
Barrel: CMV Steel
Barrel Length: 24 Inches
Barrel Twist: 1/10
Muzzle Thread: .670-28
Finish: Phosphate
Operation: Adjustable Gas Operated, Closed Bolt, SemiAutomatic
Feed: 20rd Detachable Box Magazine
Weight: 19.4 lbs
Overall Length: 47.8 Inches (with Flash Hider)
Sight: Leaf rear with open U-notch, peep aperture
adjustable for windage and elevation from
100-1500 yards; reverse ramp type front
sight blade with protective hood.
Max Effective Range: 1,371 meters
Rate of Fire: N/A
Max Range: 4,500 meters

P.O. BOX 687 CHARDON, OH 44024
PHONE 440.285.3481
FAX 440.286.8571



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