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Oh My Goodness This Is An Awesome ‘Twofer’ From Kentucky Ballistics: The H.C.A.R. vs SCAR-17

At the beginning of the month I published an article about the H.C.A.R. and it met with such success, that I thought I’d publish another, but this time with both the H.C.A.R. AND the SCAR-17. These are two large caliber semi-auto rifles that are so awesome, that it’s going to make choosing either one a tough call since they’re both so great.

There are some who are just a little “old school” and prefer the 30-06, but there are those who really like the .308 and that’s why if you had to make a choice between either of these two rifles, I think it would just come down to a personal favorite.

Here is a little bit about the H.C.A.R.:

Combining the best of Browning’s ideas with today’s tactical considerations and cutting edge engineering, the team hereat Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. brings you the most versatile .30-06 weapon system available today. OOW created a 30 round magazine for the HCAR with bolt hold open functionality, and combined with a short throw safety selector, The HCAR brings the spirit of a workhouse from two World Wars into the 21st century. With the hard hitting .30-06 cartridge, the HCAR is well suited to long distance marksmanship as well as engaging personnel and vehicles at close distance. The HCAR is available in 16” and 20” barrel lengths to fit your needs.

And here is some info on the SCAR-17:

Experience the long-range accuracy, downrange power, exceptional reliability and match winning versatility of the FN SCAR® 17S, the semi-auto only version of the U.S. Special Operations Command’s newest service rifle. Chambered in 7.62x51mm, the FN SCAR® 17S features a free-floating, cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel with hardchromed bore. Fully-ambidextrous operating controls instantly adapt the FN SCAR® 17S to any user or any shooting position. The receiver-integrated MIL-STD-1913 optical rail plus three accessory rails enable mounting of a wide variety of scopes, electronic sights, tactical lights and lasers. The telescoping, side-folding polymer stock is fully adjustable for comb height and length of pull. This rifle is available for commercial and law enforcement.

Beneath the video I will place links so that you can check-out more information on BOTH rifles okay? But for now, let’s watch Scott do his thing and shoot these puppies!

Here is the link to Ohio Ordnance Works on the H.C.A.R.

Here is the link to on the SCAR-17



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