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This Is Something You Just Have To See…The World’s most DANGEROUS Hotel: Frying Pan Tower

At 64 years old, I really don’t know if I would book a room at this particular hotel, but if you’re young and have a heightened sense of adventure, then I say-Go for it!! I’m going directly to the source to give you some information about this place, so after reading the material and watching the video, if you’d like to book a stay at this hotel, then by all means, do so.

This information comes directly from the website


Frying Pan Tower™  was erected in 1964 to help ships avoid running aground the shallow waters known as the Frying Pan Shoals. The Coast Guard staffed the light station until 1979, when the beacon was automated. After 28 years of operation, the US Coast Guard Light Station went dark and slowly fell into disrepair due to the advent of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and radar. It was officially retired in 1992, rendered obsolete and for all purposes abandoned.

The main level of the tower is a furnished 5,000 sq. ft. livable space. This includes a fully equipped stainless steel kitchen, large common area for dining, living and indoor recreation, three (3) queen bedrooms, five (5) twin bedrooms, and an interior crew sleeping quarters with three (3) twin beds, a utility room with washer and dryer, hot shower, and toilet facilities.

Enjoy salt air breezes on the 73’ by 73’ open air platform with helicopter landing area,  communications system, flag pole where we proudly fly the American flag, and solar panels attached along the outer perimeter. At this level, you can enjoy watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets, moon watching and star gazing, relaxing in hammocks, sun bathing, and just hanging around enjoying the great outdoors spotting various marine wildlife swimming below.

Our 2 high-speed hoists are used to lift and lower supplies, volunteers, and scuba divers from boat to tower from a height of 80′ in less than a minute.

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