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Watch As Vicky Stark Goes Surf Fishing For Roosterfish In Cabo San Lucas

It’s been a while since I published an article with one of Vicky Stark’s fishing videos, so I thought I’d make up for that today. Since Vicky and I are good buddies, she sends me her latest videos and she always asks how I’m doing (she’s such a sweetheart).

You see, I live in Washington State and she’s based in Florida, so as you can geuss, she goes fishing between the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. While the fishing is pretty good where I’m at, as you can see from her videos, she fishes for a lot more variety than I would and boy does it make me jealous!

In this particular video, Vicky is on the opposite side of the country and on the Baja peninsula at Cabo San Lucas doing some surf fishing. If that is something you’d like to try, I’m sure that if you check the web, you can book a trip of your own and have a great time.

Vicky’s intended catch in the video below is the Roosterfish, so let me give you a little bit of info on that and afterwards you can watch the video okay?

Roosterfish (Rooster Fish) Information:

Scientific nameNematistius pectoralis

  • The Roosterfish is a game fish found in the warmer waters of the East Pacific from Baja California to Peru. It is the only species in the genus Nematistius and the family Nematistiidae. It is distinguished by its “rooster comb”, seven very long spines of the dorsal fin.

  • The Rooster’s has an unusual arrangement of its ears: the swim bladder penetrates the brain through the large foramina and makes contact with the inner ear. It uses its swim bladder to amplify sounds.

  • Rooster’s can reach over 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in) in length and over 50 kg (110 lb) in weight.

  • The weight of the average fish hooked is about 20 lb (9.1 kg). The fish is popular as a game fish, but it is not considered a good eating fish.

  • Catch, photo and release is provided with this species here at Come Fish Panama. The Rooster is one of the top 5 game fish anglers from all over the world come to check off their bucket list.

Okay, now that you’re up to speed, kick back and enjoy the video.



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