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So Really…Is The 10 mm The ‘Best’ Millimeter (Let’s find out)

Let me make one thing crystal clear, I am NOT saying that the 10 millimeter is by any means the ‘best’, or ‘ultimate’ caliber. In the video below, Scott has brought out all of his 10mm pistols to shoot. If this was a video about handguns, I’d say that out of all of these pistols that Scott is using, from what I can see, it’s the Smith & Wesson’s that handled the best, but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s a little history about the 10mm round:

The 10mm Auto (10×25mm, official C.I.P. nomenclature: 10 mm Auto, official SAAMI nomenclature: 10mm Automatic) is a powerful semi-automatic pistol cartridge first developed by U.S. Marine Jeff Cooper and introduced in 1983 with the Bren Ten pistol.

As to ‘why’ the 10mm was invented; it started with the FBI declaring their service handguns deficient in “stopping power”, the search began in earnest for a more powerful cartridge capable of penetrating to incapacitating depths. The FBI selected the 10mm Auto cartridge as its new service round and issued new pistols to all of its agents.

Simply put, the 10mm is an excellent cartridge for any kind of defensive duties. While the most powerful 10mm ammo will kick a little more than a 9mm, it is not scary, or painful to shoot.

The 10mm Auto is the most powerful of the mainstream, semi-auto rounds, with power levels on par with or exceeding the . 357 Magnum, though the 10mm uses heavier projectiles that range from about 135 grains to 230 grains (165 to 200 are most common) though lighter loadings are available

As for myself, I’m kind of attached to my.45acp, I know that sounds a little old school, or old fashioned, but I don’t care. But in regards to the 10mm, I think it all comes down to what you are comfortable with. There are some who swear by their 9mm and that’s okay and if you’re a little older like me, it’s the .45acp that trips your trigger. Like I said, it comes down to a personal choice and whatever you are comfortable with.

Okay, now that we have got all of that nonsense out of the way, let’s watch Scott do some shootin’.



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