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You Guys Will Like This…They Call It “The Bigfoot Rifle”

Just so you know, we aren’t telling anyone to go out and shoot a Sasquatch, but considering the sheer size of them, using this particular rifle, you could bring one down if you wanted to. The actual name of the rifle being spotlighted in the video below, is the Thompson Center Encore.

This particular rifle is chambered in 500 Nitro Express and try as I might, even thought I could find the website, I couldn’t get any particulars on this gun. Which leads me to believe, that it is a custom order for this particular caliber.

Even though I couldn’t get you guys the specs on this particular rifle, what I will do is place a link beneath the video so that you could use it and go directly to Thompson Center Firearms website for yourself and do your own digging.

Now, we know that the 500 Nitro Express is an awesome cartridge and even if you are a half-ass shot, what ever you hit, chances are, that it’s going down. So, I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t your Grandpa’s 30-06, plus, the ammo is a little on the expensive side, but, if you are complaining about the cost, chances are, it’s not the rifle for you anyway.

Anyway, kick back and enjoy the video. It’s pretty entertaining and so far, I’ve used 3 of the videos from this channel (1ShotTV) and I’ve decided to subscribe to it. So as this young man does more videos, I will be spotlighting them here at Great American Outdoors in the future.


Here is the link I promised to Thompson/Center Firearms



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