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Here Are Some Very Costly Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make As A Gun Owner

When you conceal carry, you do it with a purpose in mind, it’s not so that you fell ‘tough’, or superior, it is supposed to be about protecting yourself and your loved ones…period.

If you keep that in mind and if you ever do have to pull your weapon in public for self-defense, then chances are if you do have to fire, it will be with a clear conscience.

But, the most important thing you should do before you conceal carry, is get the proper firearms training and make sure you know the law before you strap-on that pistol and go outside and always make sure to carry your CCL with you everywhere you go.

Carrying a concealed weapon bears massive amounts of responsibility. These six tips from U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski will help keep you out of legal trouble — and possibly physical danger — while carrying a concealed handgun.

Follow these six tips to save yourself from legal (and possibly physical) peril when conceal carrying a firearm:

Top One: NEVER consume alcohol or other mind-altering substances when carrying a concealed weapon, even if your state allows you to consume the same amount as the legal driving limit.

Tip Two: Keep your emotions under control. A bruised ego is better than a deadly altercation any day. 

Tip Three: Know when it’s OK to brandish your weapon.

Tip Four: Understand your state and local laws regarding the use of deadly force. Remember, it’s self-defense, not stuff-defense.

Tip Five: Do not make statements to the police until you consult an attorney. Be respectful; be polite; but ask for your lawyer.

Tip Six: Have a self-defense plan. What will you do if you have to use your gun in self-defense? Does your family know what to do?



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