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Here You Go Everybody: The ‘Switch Gun’ By Standard Manufacturing

All I can say is…WOW!! I saw this and I thought ‘holy moly’, I want one! Normally, if I was looking for a conceal carry gun, I would prefer something just a little bit bigger that packs more of a punch, maybe a .380, a .38, or even a 45acp, I’m not a big fan of .22’s.

But after watching the video below, I thought; ‘Hmmm, this has possibilities’. From what I saw, it seems reliable and is very compact, something I can clip on my belt, or slip into my shirt pocket. I have owned .22 caliber pistols before and a .22 magnum round will make a serious dent at close range, so take that with a grain of salt, for what it’s worth.

This description comes from Standard Manufacturing’s website


The revolutionary new SWITCH GUN is the latest advancement in personal protection from Standard Manufacturing. The SWITCH GUN fits into your pocket and occupies about the same amount of space as your cell phone. When in the folded position, the grip of the SWITCHGUN completely encapsulates the trigger to prevent any type of accidental discharge.

Upon depressing a button the SWITCHGUN immediately springs open as is ready for the immediate and reliable discharge of five .22 Magnum cartridges. When not in use, the SWITCHGUN can be folded into a very small form factor and stored in your pocket to conceal.

Unlike any of it’s competitors, the SWITCHGUN features a large handle to provide a tremendous amount of grip similar to a full-sized revolver which provides the highest degree of control and accuracy.


  • Frame and Barrel: CNC Machined Stainless Steel
  • Action: Single Action Folding Revolver
  • Barrel Length: .88”
  • Grip: Large Polymer
  • Weight: 9 Ounces, Loaded
  • Dimensions: 2.125” x 3.75” x .75” Folded

This paragraph was beneath the video:

The Switch-Gun is a 22 Magnum Mini Revolver that fits into your pocket for concealed carry and has a spring action handle. Made by Standard Mfg Co. and we appreciate them for sending it for the review

So, go ahead and watch the video and see what you think, I am seriously contemplating buying one of these guns for myself and if you know me, then you know that is quite a recommendation.



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