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This Is For All Of You Campers Out There: Here Is Some Of The Best New Camping Gear & Gadgets On The Market Right Now

Ah, to be young again, who didn’t love camping with friends and family when you were young? I used to love getting out there in the woods when I was a kid, but here we are in the 21st century and while some things have changed when it comes to camping gear, some things haven’t. My Dad used to use old Army surplus stuff, tents, canteens and other gear he would pick up at our local Army/Navy Store and my brother and I thought it was really cool.

Well, that was 50 years ago and things are just a little bit different today. With the Pandemic all but over,  2022 is the year for more outdoor fun and adventure and if you don’t already have the right stuff,  you’re going to want to pack the best camping gear and accessories.

When I was young I thought camping was about “roughing it.” I used to have an old Army surplus 2 man ‘pup tent’ and while at the time I thought it was cool, today, well let’s just say that today, I have “upped” my standards regarding my level of comfort out in the wilderness.

With the right camping gear, you can spend days immersed in nature and nights under the stars without sacrificing your sleep quality. If you plan to camp often, you’ll want to invest in essential camping gear like sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and camping tents which provide shelter and warmth.

Additionally, camping gear like stoves, camping coolers, camping chairs, and coffee makers will add enjoyment and luxury to your experience. Whether you like the simplicity of cooking over a campfire, or you want the comforts of home while you’re out in the woods, you can find the right camping gear to suit your needs.

Here is some gear that will make your camping experience a little bit more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable:

✅1. Stansport Camping Axe and Saw 

✅2. Jetboil Stash

✅3. GoSun Power Station

✅4. Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair 

✅5. Biolite Alpenglow 

✅6. Stansport Pulley Hoist 

✅7. Kelty All Inn Tent 

✅8. Eureka! Camp Café 12 Cup Portable Camping Coffee Maker 

✅9. Crua Tribe Soft Cooler 

✅10. Crua Koala Maxx Set 2 Person Hammock Full Set



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