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Video Compilation Of Totally Unnecessary Face To Face Confrontations Between Hunter And Prey

I saw the video below while searching through videos on YouTube to use as material for an article, the title grabbed my attention and I decided to check it out. What I saw turned my stomach and even though I am a fierce advocate of hunter’s rights and am a hunter myself, I felt that the individuals in the video had no respect for the animals they shot. Also, some of the shots were so poor, that I know the animals suffered horribly and to me, that’s a sin against God and nature.

It’s one thing to kill a predator that is attacking you, or, that is attacking your livestock, to me that is a justifiable kill. Or, when you are legally hunting for food to feed you family, also, that is completely justified, as long as you obey the laws of your state, or the country you are visiting. What I saw in the video below, was sloppy and totally unnecessary, but also, very cruel.

Whenever I talk about idiots with guns out in the woods, I am referring to every single one of the guys in this video below. Not only were they morons, but had to be amateurs and should never have picked-up a firearm to begin with. Does this mean all hunter’s are bad…the answer is no, most hunters are good law abiding people that respect the animals that they harvest.

Like in all things, there is a very small minority of bad hunters and those are the ones you hear about that people base their opinions on. Hunting legally in season is a way to bond with your friends, or family. It also thins-out the animal population which will insure that those animals that are not hunted will be able to thrive and breed.

But if you are only hunting for mere sport because you like to kill things so that you can mount a trophy on your wall, do us all a favor and stay home, because it’s morons like you that accidentally shoot yourselves , or your friends, or you only wound the animals and make them suffer.

Watch the video and let me know what you think in the comment section below.



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