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[Video] Here Are The Most Cursed Guns in History

There are guns and then there are ‘guns’, some stand the test of time and some don’t, some have gone down in history as the best of the best and others…well, they’ve gone into the scrapheap of history as really, really terrible.

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been inventing tools and weapons. From the flint axe and spear heads in the Stone Age, to nuclear weapons in modern times, mankind has continually tried to improve and build new weapons that would give them an advantage over their enemies on the battlefield.

The introduction of firearms marked the beginning of the most exciting chapter in the history of weapons. During this period, there were a lot of guns that were to be iconic of their era. But, on the other hand, there were more than enough guns that carried the title of the worst contraptions in history.

Sometimes, what may seem as a good design in theory, turns-out to be a horrible mistake when used, especially in combat when a soldier’s life depends on it functioning properly in the field.

This is the story of five of the top worst guns ever made. Some will surprise you and others won’t, sometimes you can just look at a gun and think; “I wouldn’t never take a chance on using this”, all of the guns in the video below fall into that category.



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