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Just Because Something Is Old Doesn’t Mean It’s No Good…Here Are The 7 Oldest U.S. Military Aircraft Still In Use

If you are a person who really likes aircraft, then you should really enjoy watching the video contained in this article. Like the title says, just because something is old, it doesn’t mean it’s no good any longer, as you will see for yourself when you watch the video below.

Even though there are several new projects in the works, the military does it’s best to get their monies worth out of the current inventory so that when they do get a new aircraft they make sure they can use it for several decades to come.

With the high cost of production, and the extensive time and manpower investment of prototyping and perfecting military aircraft, it’s perhaps not surprising that when the U.S. military finds an effective and beneficial aircraft design, it holds on tight.

Amazingly, even though aviation has only been a possibility for a little over 110 years, a handful of U.S. military aircraft have been in service for more than 50 years.

To be fair, many have undergone revamps and necessary upgrades over the years – including the oldest B-52s that have been “frankensteined” into their current operating versions – but the tried and true designs of the 1950s remain.

So sit back and get ready to watch as they go through a list of older aircraft that are still in use today.



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