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This Is Something You All Will Love: When Karen’s Get What They Deserve (Police Edition)

So for all of you that might be wondering just what this is all about, I have decided to create a new category here at Great American Outdoors.  I am dedicating it to all of those “Karen’s” out there, only in this new segment, it shows them getting exactly what they deserve for all of the drama and mayhem that they cause in our lives. This series is called: “Karen’s getting what they deserve (Police Edition).

Everybody out there knows a “Karen”, they’re rude, obtuse and just bitches in general and since their own lives are so miserable and crappy, all they want to do is spread their special brand of misery to everyone they meet, whether it be family members, their neighbors, or strangers, all they seem hell-bent on, is making you feel as horrible as they feel. Seriously, with all of the CRAP that’s going on all over the country and the world right now, what we DON”T need is some crazy woman making it worse.

Also, if you have a special “Karen” in your life, if you get her on video doing what “Karen’s” do, then send it to me here at Great American Outdoors and I will include your video in the next article I publish and we can make her famous. But make sure to NOT include her name, or address, just include the city and state that you’re from. Since Great American Outdoors has millions of readers all over the world, we can let the entire planet see your special “Karen”.

Okay, with that said, let’s kick back and watch “When Karen’s Get What They Deserve” (Police Edition).



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