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Watch As Bodycam Footage Shows The Moment A Suspect Opens Fire Without Warning On A Florida Police Officer At A Circle K

If you watch The mainstream media news, all you seem to hear about is how white racist cops are gunning down black people for no good reasons, nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a massive crime wave surging across the country and even though that same mainstream media doesn’t say it, the majority of the perpetrators are in fact, black. That is not to say that all crime is being committed by black people, but in predominately black neighborhoods, the majority of the suspects committing these heinous crimes are black.

And in those same areas violent crime is on the rise, crimes involving a firearms have increased well over tenfold. And since the majority of Democrat controlled areas have either defunded, or cut their police forces in almost half, violent gun crime is soaring.

The video below is a perfect example of just what the police are up against, thankfully, no one was killed in the exchange of gunfire, but it is obvious that the suspect in this case had NO FEAR of the police and it is apparent from the video, that the young man fully intended to kill the police officer.

Here is a written description of what you will see and hear in the video below:

Pinellas County, Florida — At approximately 9:50 p.m. on April 19, 2022, Pinellas Park Police Department officers responded to the Circle K located at 4900 Ulmerton Road after reports of a domestic disturbance between a male and a female.

According to detectives, the female reported the suspect threatened her, therefore she locked herself in the bathroom inside Circle K. Officer Derr arrived on scene and attempted to make contact with the suspect, later identified as 24-year-old Calvin Brockington.

Detectives say while in the gas station of Circle K, Brockington walked toward Officer Derr and shot him in the right bicep, incapacitating him. Brockington then reportedly ran into the gas station store and stole a man’s keys. Detectives say when Officer Gavin arrived on scene and confronted Brockington, he shot at her.

Officer Gavin returned fire, but did not strike him. Brockington then carjacked a vehicle in the gas station, drove toward Officer Gavin, then fled the scene. Brockington traveled east bound on Ulmerton Road where Pinellas County Sheriff Office deputies and the Flight Unit began to pursue him.

Brockington then entered onto I-275 and fled southbound, where he exited in the area of 928 22nd Avenue South. Brockington was confronted by deputies and taken into custody. Officer Derr was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. Brockington was taken into custody and several charges are pending.



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