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Here Are 24 Animals That You Should Be Glad Are Extinct

Everybody on the face of the planet has had at one time, or another, horrific nightmares of scary very frightening creatures. Not all of these creates are born out of our subconscious, some are very real and it’s those creatures that we should be glad that are no longer walking on the face of the earth.

I mean, we’re not talking about Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, the Wolfman, or even the Creature from the black lagoon, I’m talking about real life monsters, like Tyrannosaurus Rex and many other creatures that at one time walked, crawled, or swam on the earth.

By today’s standards, it’s always sad when you learn an animal no longer exists in the wild – like we’re losing something great in the environment because of it.

Extinction is seen as a terrible end to any creature – and we should be working towards preserving that species as best we can. However, there sure were some that we’re glad went extinct long ago.

In the video below, they talk about massive monsters, to powerful predators, these are everything that haunt our dreams to this day. Some of these creatures lived long gone before humans walked the earth and some of them might have shared hunting spaces.

Now THERE’S a scary thought, just imagine running in to a sabre tooth tiger while out taking a casual stroll in the woods, it’s something our ancestor’s had to deal with and we should be grateful that it’s not something we see today.

So sit back and prepare to see just what kind of nightmarish creatures that used to occupy our planet and even at some point or another, shared this space with ancient human beings.



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