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Oh My Goodness….Here’s The “Twister” The Most BRUTAL 12ga. Slug That You Never Heard Of

Just when you think that someone, or even a company, can’t come up with a truly devastatingly deadly shotgun slug, they surprise you!  The shotgun slug in the video below is called the “Twister” and it’s guaranteed to make a real mess out of any target you hit and that includes a human being.

The producers of the video had this to say about this particular shotgun slug:

Today we test out a slug called the “Twister”. It is a heavy lead slug that fragments into multiple, large pieces on impact. You may remember tests of Twisters with up to 6 petals, and they worked well. But there seemed to be a HUGE difference when the petals are large like these.

The Twister is made by a company called Bulletmolds AS-company.  Here is what they say when you log-on to their website:

Back in 2012, we revived the idea of the great bear hunter A. A. Shirinsky-Shikhmatov and created our first original model of the SH-SH bulletmold, which has no analogues in the world. In the future, we grew and developed. Many people have tried to repeat our development, but we are always one step ahead. We are developers of all our models, and we know how a real modern tool should be made. We are responsible for the quality of the tool. With careful use, our bulletmolds will guarantee you up to 10,000 bullet casts. Thousands of customers in Russia and abroad have already tried our molds in action and are satisfied with the final result.

Here is what they say about the “Twister” (and yes you can buy them):

The bulletmold Twister 12 gauge

The most lethal model of our slug molds!
4 different weight core pins available:  #6 (~34 grams)#5(~35 grams),  #4 (~36 grams)  and #3 (~37  grams).

The bulletmold + 1 core pin — $68
The bulletmold + 2 core pins — $78
The bulletmold + 3 core pins — $88
The bulletmold + 4 core pins — $98

After watching the video I am of the opinion that this particular slug far exceeds my definition of “lethal” and goes way beyond that. If one were to take a hit from the “Twister”, there would be nothing to do afterwards except collect the remains and bury them.



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