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The Ripsaw M5 Unmanned Super Tank…Coming To A Battlefield Near You

Over the last few decades, the United States has been relying on technology more and more, to save the lives of our service members. Military engagements will always rely on ground troops to win battles, but technological advancements can reduce the number of casualties and that is seen by all as a very positive thing. Imagine for a moment if this technology had been available during the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, think of all the lives that could have been saved and battlefield casualties that could have been averted, I see this as a very positive thing for our military!

Warfare technology has taken a drastic leap forward with the recent unveiling of the Ripsaw M5 Electric Drive Super Tank. The wholly electric and unmanned armored vehicle is opening up the doors for a new generation of tank warfare, where soldiers are no longer required to put their lives on the line in hazardous scenarios; instead, they can remotely control a highly agile and reliable armored combat vehicle capable of performing even the most demanding operations.

The tank is currently being evaluated by the US army, and if deployed, it will be capable of achieving deeds currently impossible by manned tanks. The limber tank can dash at over 40 miles per hour and traverse over a wide variety of terrains in a combat scenario, and it uses state-of-the-art drone technology to position itself strategically. What’s more, its electric motor keeps the vehicle almost entirely silent, making it highly valuable for covert operations.


Bringing together speed of innovation and proven program execution, the M5 is ready for the fight. M5 is the 5th generation of RIPSAW providing speed, mobility and unmanned capability. The M5 can silently maneuver and keep pace with the current and future maneuver forces, pushing capabilities beyond the human formation.

Key Benefits

  • Proven robotic control and interfaces
  • Hardened wireless connection
  • Scalable/configurable armor, suspension and final drives
  • Open architecture
  • FLIR 360-degree perception technology
  • Field modularity based on mission

To read more about this weapons system click HERE.



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