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Joe Biden Says A 9mm Will ‘Blow Your Lung Out Of Your Body’…Let’s See If He Knows What He’s Talking About

Okay, we all know our illustrious President is a qualified expert in almost every field he talks about and he obviously is a certified expert on ballistics and we should listen to what he says, after all,  he certainly knows better than all of us peons.

So, (not doubting our ‘Dear Leader’) let’s just put his words to the test alright? It’s not that I have any doubts as to what Joe Biden has told us, but since I’m a natural skeptic, I just want to see for myself what will happen when a bullet is fired into the human body.

Now, since we don’t want to use a real person, or a human cadaver for this particular experiment, we’ll have to use a ballistic torso. Also, just so you know, these are anatomically correct representations of the human body, complete with internal organs and bones.

So, chances are, that when we fire a bullet into one of these dummies, we should be able to get an accurate description as to what kind of damage it would do to the human body.

Okay, now sit back and watch the video and afterwards we’ll talk about what we have seen.

Well, if you are reading this it means you watched the video from start to finish and you saw just what the rest of us saw, no ‘lungs being blow out of the body’ and that means, that ‘Brandon’ was (and is) full of CRAP (no surprise there)!!



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