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Let’s All Watch As Our Old Buddy Hickok45 Shoots The Cimarron ‘Huckleberry 45 Colt’

Since I haven’t used one of Hickok45’s videos here at Great American Outdoors in quite a while, I thought that I would make up for it and that this one (below) would really grab your attention.

What self-respecting American gun-guy didn’t watch the film ‘Tombstone’?  Val Kilmer played the role of Doc Holiday and truth be told, I thought he did a fantastic job, he does have some great one-liner’s in that film that are now a part of pop culture.

Now some will question the historical accuracy of Doc Holiday’s character in the film, but seriously, we’re talking about a movie that has been made and re-made countless times in the history of motion pictures, historically accurate or not, it was a great movie.

The pistol that Hickok45 is using in the video, is a copy of the pistol that Doc Holiday used in the film, it’s made by Cimarron Firearms Company and it’s a really beautiful little gun.

Here is what Cimarron has to say about it:

The Huckleberry features 3.5″ barrel, nickel finish with laser engraving and “Huckleberry” engraved on the backstrap. It is chambered in 45LC and has a Poly-Ivory grip.  The Huckleberry is part of Cimarron’s Laser Engraved Series and is only available from Cimarron.

As you can see, it is truly a beautiful pistol and even though the grips aren’t ‘real’ ivory, it still completes the picture. But pretty or not, it is a fully functioning single action pistol chambered in 45 Long Colt. Watch the video and you will see that not only does this pistol function perfectly, but it is deadly accurate, worth every penny of the price of $$909.09 that Cimarron is asking for it.

Me personally, I think it would make a great little conceal carry gun, but that’s just me.



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