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The Sig Sauer P230…A Pistol Good Enough For The British SAS

Now, there are some who really don’t care for the .380 caliber pistol, but I’m not one of them. I’ve owned a couple of .380’s and I thought they were great little pistols and ‘yes’, I would use them as a CCW to protect my life.

I think, that if a pistol is good enough for the British SAS, it should be good enough for anyone, but I realize that there will be ‘hater’s’ out there who will still disagree because they just don’t like the .380 no matter what.

And to that I say; ‘To each their own’. But, if some of the best Special Ops troops on the planet are okay with it, that should stand on it’s own merit.

About Sig Sauer P230:

The P230 is a small, semi-automatic handgun that can function as a backup weapon or a concealed carry option. It was designed in 1977, produced until 1996 when it was replaced by the P232. Both version of the gun have a simple fixed barrel, straight blow-back configuration, it’s a firearm with a reputation, competing with other handguns as Walther PPK for instance.

The P230 has an anodized aluminium frame with a blued steel slide or it can be all made of stainless steel. Both versions have a polymer grip.The trigger is DA/SA and the difference between the P230 and P232 is, that the P232 has an automatic firing pin safety. Specifications of the P230 are a 3.6 in barrel, width is 1.2. In and height is 4.7 in. It’s cartridges vary; a .32 ACP, .380 ACP and 9x18mm Police (for a special police model). The magazine can hold 8+1 or 7+1 rounds.

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the Sig Sauer P230. Introduced in 1977, the Sig Sauer P230 was made to be a new and improved PPK. Sharing many similarities with the Walther PPK/S, this tiny fixed barrel .380 was lighter and more functional than the older PPK, and it saw some success in military and law enforcement adoption, including its being issued to the British SAS for undercover operations.

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