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Here Are Some ‘Wild West’ Guns That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Who hasn’t sat in front of their television set and watched a good old fashioned western as a kid? Next to Saturday morning cartoons, I loved watching westerns and one of my favorite parts of those old films, was always the ‘saloon fight’ and the inevitable shoot-out, or showdown at ‘high noon’ in the middle of town.

I have learned alot about the Wild West from these movies and television shows, but in truth, alot of that kind of behavior really didn’t happen in real life in the old west, but it sure made for great entertainment on the silver screen.

But if you open a history book you’ll find that most arguments used to be settled with old-fashioned fisticuffs, not guns. If guns were ever involved, they were used to disarm the other person and not necessarily to cave someone’s head in. No one really ever ‘put a bullet inside anyone’s head’ during a saloon fight, or a show down.

One of my favorite old westerns was the film Stagecoach. It was a 1939 American Western film directed by John Ford and starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne in his breakthrough role, when men were men and everyone carried a Colt revolver and a Winchester rifle.

But, in the early years of the western frontier, the colt 45 hadn’t been invented yet and alot of the rifles were single shot muskets, or rolling block rifles. Firearms certainly did exist, but their technology was still very much in its infancy.

And that’s what we are going to take a look at in the video below. Here are a few firearms that you might not have heard of simply because Hollywood didn’t pay enough attention to detail when they were cranking-out western films in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Here are a few guns that you might not be familiar with:

✅ 1. The Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver

✅ 2. The Remington Rolling Block Rifle

✅ 3. The W.W. Greener Coach Gun

✅ 4. The Remington New Model Army Revolver



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