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Oh Boy You’re Gonna Love This… Here Are 8 Of The Coolest Military & Police Vehicles

Alright, so I know the video below is a couple of years old and alot of technological advancements have been made in the last 2 years, but I thought the video was awesome anyway. But, the great thing is, if you ever find yourself with a winning Powerball ticket, you can pick one of these vehicles up for yourself and have a blast.

When it comes to protecting our military service men and women, protection is a must, but now, police departments all across the country need better vehicles not only for pursuit and they also need armor protection from small arms fire.

To ensure that they can efficiently respond to a variety of crises in a fast and suitable manner, police officers rely on a variety of high-performance types of police cars. These different types of police cars are meant to help cops watch city streets, transfer criminals, store equipment and weaponry.

Police officers are switching to SUVs because they provide better safety and protection than traditional police cars. SUVs offer more stability and capability in difficult driving conditions and can handle a wider variety of terrain. They also provide more space for officers to transport equipment and prisoners.

Here is a list of the vehicles you will see in the video below:

1. Nexter TITUS 6×6 (Preview)

2. Dodge Durango Pursuit  

3. Chevrolet Police Tahoe PPV

4. Stryker A1

5. HUMVEE NXT 360 

 6. Lenco BearCat G2 

 7. Inkas Sentry MPV

8. Yagu



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