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These Are 15 Of The Most Dangerous Fish In The World

Who doesn’t enjoy going to an aquarium and watching the fish swim leisurely back and forth in front of you, I know I do. In the video below however, these are some fish that you really don’t want to encounter out in the wild.

Some are dangerous and others are flat-out deadly, so maybe it’s good that you are sitting in front of your computer screen watching them instead of sitting on a dock with your feet dangling in the water.

Now normally I tend to write an article around a video I use, but this particular video covers a lot of ground regarding this subject. So instead of me rambling on, I’ll let them do all of the talking, if that’s okay with you guys.

This is from the producers of the video:

If you thought swimming in the ocean was dangerous, the same can be said for fresh water as well. The fish that roam rivers and lakes are not to be trusted either. Check your surroundings before you leap in, you don’t want to be coming out minus a toe, or worse still a limb! And no, I’m not kidding! From the fish with similarities to a popular workshop tool to the tiny, but lethal pack hunter, here are 15 Most Dangerous Fish in the World!



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