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This Is Something You’ll Absolutely Love…A Full Auto Beltfed .22LR Machine Gun!

As stated in the video below- this Lakeside Machine beltfed upper is out of production. You can’t buy it anymore unless you find it used. And then it’s pretty useless without a full auto lower like this registered one that you see in the video.

Yes – you can own full auto machine gun legally in most states, it’s the same process as owning any suppressor or SBR, but since the Hughes Amendment in 1986 the cost is quite prohibitive.

*If you click on the links below, you can find out more information.


SN R000404. Cal. 22 LR 16 1/2″ bbl. High quality Razorback .22 LR Belt-fed upper Rimfire Feed Sysytem assembly on a Delaware Machine Semi-Automatic AR-15 lower.

This gun includes one 50 rnd .22 LR cloth belt, and two spare firing pins as well as the original Lakeside Machine Operator’s manual. Standard slide-on Peep rear and post front sights and a Bipod complete this package.

This is a simple removable barrel system which fits onto either an AR-15 Semi-Auto OR a registered fully automatic lower assembly. It only takes a few minutes to change your .223 into a .22 Rimfire.

CONDITION: All aspects of appearance and finish are simply outstanding. There is some slight brassing to the finish where the bipod swivels, but otherwise both the upper and lower retain almost all of their original finish.

Bore is excellent, shiny and bright. Action is smooth. These are highly sought after by both Semi-Auto and Full-Auto enthusiasts.


Lot consists of one Lakeside Machine Razorback upper with ventilated barrel shroud, flip up front and rear iron sights on removable bases, fixed bipod, canted UTG vertical foregrip. Lakeside Machine rubber covers have been applied over rails to allow a more comfortable gripping area. Second upper is also a Lakeside Machine Razorback with more classical A2 stylings with ribbed polymer forearm, and birdcage flash hider, no sights.

Barrel assembly is another Razorback assembly with quad rails with “shark fin” cutouts and a ventilated barrel shroud, still in its plastic envelope. Replacement parts include six railed gas blocks anodized in different colors and still sealed, a two port flash hider, extra rubber covers,a pair of feed boxes, one with attachment to in the magazine well, a small bag of .22 dummies, nine feed belts, of which 2 are 12 rounds, six are 25 rounds, and one is 100 rounds, three bags of links, two rimfire buffer spring assemblies one, a belt loading device, two additional hammer springs with tool, a bag of additional charging handles, lower adapter, and a threaded nut.

There is a Razorback manual and a Small Arms Review dated March 2004 with an article on the Tippman miniature guns. CONDITION: Very good, spare parts are near excellent and many are still sealed. Belts are very good and show signs of careful use and maintenance. Uppers are very good, upper with A2 styling has a very good bore with some areas of roughness but still sharp.

Upper with bipod and foregrip has a near excellent bore, bright and shiny with sharp rifling. Both bolt faces are very good with evidence of use. If you have an interest in belt fed weapons or a cheap way to shoot your AR-15 rifle, this is the lot for you. EW



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