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The Kukri…Here’s What You Need To Know About This Feared Weapon

I found the video below quite by accident and after watching it, I thought; ‘this is really interesting’. This particular blade has a long history behind it and I know you guys will find it as fascinating as I did.

This excerpt below comes from

A khukuri is a curved short sword with a broad blade used especially by Gurkhas. Actual origin of khukuri is less known but common belief is that the modern blade is the transformed form of ancient Greek Kopis carried to the Indian subcontinent by the troops of Alexander the Great some 2500 years ago. With its elegant fierce nature it is assumed that then local Kamis were impressed with the design, copied the geometry and lend hands to execute it in the modern re-curved blade form.

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The Kukri, one of the most feared weapons of the battlefield, and the blade of choice for the famous Gurkha soldiers! But what is a Kukri knife, why is the Kukri shaped the way it is, and how did the Kukri come to be? The Kukri is not only a weapon, but a tool of great utility, and an important cultural icon of Nepal. This video delves into the Kukri knife and its story!



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