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When All Else Fails Here Are Some Good ‘Backup’ Guns

If you are a CCW individual, then you know the importance of having a ‘backup’ gun. Nobody expects their primary weapon to fail, or be taken away by a bad guy, but anything that can happen in that awful situation could and it always pays to be prepared.

Backup guns are probably the most reliable defense against a criminal gaining control over your primary gun. While there are many choices, before deciding to carry a backup weapon, you should ensure you are adhering to to laws of your state and train with that weapon.

Goodness knows if you have to use your backup gun, the last thing you need is a problem at that moment.

Most of the time, I like to hear from people who are carrying every day and every place they can legally do so. Precious few of this group are carrying an extra magazine, or cylinder, something I think is a great asset when carrying a low-capacity firearm, especially a revolver.

Then there are those motivated individuals who opt for carrying a second firearm, or backup gun, wherever they go. For the purposes of this video, a backup gun means a diminutive handgun, carried as a last-resort measure for bad encounters with a violent criminal who is intent of doing you bodily harm.

A broader definition might include a full- or compact-size gun that you keep in the safe at home in case your everyday gun breaks, is loaned out, or is confiscated as part of a post-incident investigation.

Here, in no particular order, are some fun-size picks, and some considerations for making it your own BUG (backup gun).



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