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This Is Pretty Cool…Forging A Copper Damascus Katana

This is a very interesting video, yes, it’s 26 minutes long, but if you love swords, then you will find it all very interesting and your attention will be captivated with the entire process. The gentleman making this particular sword is a true craftsman and takes great pride in his work.

What is Copper Damascus? Copper Damascus steel is created by forging and folding a steel alloy with copper. This unique combination produces a spectacular pattern in the metal that is both beautiful and sturdy.

Are Damascus katanas good? Some will refer to folded steel as Damascus Steel Katana because it is characterized by distinctive patterns reminiscent of flowing water. Real Damascus steel blades like are said to be tough, resistant to shattering and is capable of possessing a sharp resilient edge

The information below comes directly from the sword maker’s own website at


I’m a hobbyist bladesmith and maker of cool things!  Every project has something new in it so that I can keep learning new techniques.  This hobby has become a passion and I’d love for you to follow along!

I recently attained the ranking of Journeyman Smith in the American Bladesmith Society, which defines a level of quality that the bladesmith must meet.  I am thrilled to have attained this and now I’m working towards the Master level.

I got into this craft from watching Forged in Fire with my son and thought it would be a cool thing to do together.  I bought a stick welder and taught myself how to weld, built a forge and then went on to building lots of tools you see in my shop.  I even built a power hammer but it was WAY to loud and sold it and used the proceeds to build the hydraulic press I currently have.

I’m actually Canadian, so if you hear an accent in my videos, that’s why.  I moved to California in 2001 but my heart is still Canadian.

PS – The shark logo was used because I’m also a PADI scuba diving instructor.  I’ve also done cage diving with great white sharks and have been in the water with many other sharks!

Social Media

Most of what I produce is for content on YouTube.  You can watch all my builds being made!  Pretty much every piece in the gallery/shop comes with its own build video for you to show your friends and family!

Sadly this man does not do custom orders for sale, he does this as a hobby only…that’s too bad.



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