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Here Are The Top 10 Most ‘DIABOLICAL’ Homemade Shotgun Rounds !

Regarding TAOFLEDERMAUS and those of you who aren’t familiar with him, TAOFLEDERMAUS is an American YouTuber who uploads experiment videos. He is a YouTube content creator who is known for publishing videos about various experiments and physics based phenomena.

He joined YouTube on July 23, 2006, and has accumulated a total of 1,370,000 subscribers and 647 million views as of October 2021.

Known for creating shotgun slugs, which I have published quite a few of his videos here at Great American Outdoors in article form, they are quite fascinating (and quite ‘deadly’) and you guys have given those articles a very good response.

The paragraph below was posted under the video:

In this video we highlight some of the wildest home-brewed shotgun slugs we have ever shot over the years. From heavily engineered projectiles, to slugs made out of food.

Despite the odds, these all were big surprises and many were “first evers”. Many viewers have wanted to see the best of the best, so here you go!

The video below shows you a compilation of different shotgun slugs they have created and fired over the years and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!



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