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I Just LOVE ‘Bear Guns’ !

When you take a leisurely outing in the woods, it’s always a good idea to take some kind of firearm with you. I live in southwest Washington State and when I go up into the mountains, you can bet that I always have a firearm with me.

It’s just a matter of always being prepared ‘just in case’ I happen to come across a mountain lion, or a bear. Especially right now before winter sets in, bears are out there trying to get as much fat built-up before they go into hibernation.

Any easy meal they can get their paws on , they’re going to go for it and depending on just how hungry they are, not too often, but occasionally, humans have been known to be on the menu.

That’s why it is very important to have a good, large caliber, reliable firearm with you when you go on your hike. In today’s video Scott is going to show us his picks for a good ‘bear gun’.

Now, there is no concrete definition of what a ‘bear gun’ is, but any larger caliber handgun like a .44 magnum, 45acp, 10mm, or larger will do. Remember, you are the one lugging it around, so whatever you do choose, just make sure that it is loaded with some good ammunition and it is reliable.

If you do happen to run into a bear, the last thing you want to have happen when and if you do pull the trigger, is to have a malfunction, or a misfire. Some folks take a shotgun with them and usually they have 00 buck, or slugs as their chosen loads. Remember, it’s what ever you feel comfortable carrying.

Okay, now let’s watch as Scott shows us his picks for a ‘bear gun’.



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