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Watch As Hickok45 Shows You How To Clean Your AR-15

It’s been quite a while since I published an article using a video with our good old buddy Hickok45 in it and since I know most of you like his videos, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the one below.

Now I know most of you out there are into guns and while I’m also pretty sure you that most (if not all) of you know how to properly clean them, I know that one more ‘how to’ video on the subject won’t hurt. Who knows, you might see and learn something you didn’t know before.

Hickok45 had this to say about his video:

This video is a demonstration of how I clean and maintain my AR15 platform firearms. I’ve owned, fired, and maintained at least one of these rifles since since purchasing in 1984 that A2 model you’ve seen in my videos.

I’m not an AR15 “expert” like some I’m sure we’ll hear from, and I’ve not been to war with one of these babies, but what I do works for me.

As a regular reader of this publication I’m sure you have seen a couple of my previous articles on this particular subject and while it may seem as repetitive to some, there might be some folks out there who are seeing this for the first time. And if you are seeing something like this for the first time, pay close attention.

The most crucial step in the entire cleaning process, is to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, you must remove the magazine and any ammunition that may be loaded within the firearm.

When it comes to alot of subjects, I find that a ‘visual aide’ always works best.



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