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If Ever I Win The Lottery This Is One Rifle I’m Definitely Gonna Buy: The CheyTac Intervention M200

I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about this rifle, other than the fact that it really, REALLY looks cool as all get-out! I very seldom get excited about guns, but when it comes to this one, I’ll make an exception!

All the information below comes from two sources, Wikipedia and CheyTac USA.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about this rifle:

The CheyTac Intervention also known as the CheyTac M200, is an American bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by CheyTac USA, which can also be classified as an anti-materiel rifle. It is fed by a 7-round detachable single-stack magazine (an optional 5-round magazine is also available). It is specifically chambered in either .408 Chey Tac or .375 Chey Tac ammunition. CheyTac Inc. states that the system is capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy at ranges of up to 2,500 yd (2,286 m). It is based on the EDM Arms Windrunner.

This comes directly from

The Return of the Legend.

This legendary weapon system is considered the most powerful long-range rifle in production today. It was ranked the #1 sniper rifle in the world by The Military Channel.

It delivers sub-minute of angle accuracy, combined with the ability to engage targets of 2500 meters and beyond. With CheyTac® USA’s Patented Balance Flight Projectiles® this platform delivers greater range and accuracy with less bullet drop and drift than any weapon in the world.

The M200 Intervention® is a truly remarkable rifle that has earned its place in history as the “Best of the Best”.


  • CNC Machined receiver
  • 40 MOA Scope Rail
  • Take Down/Interchangeable barrel design
  • Adjustable trigger pull
  • Standard 34 Degree Grip
  • Removable Muzzle Brake, 7/8×24 TPI
  • Integral Bi-Pod
  • Seven (7) round detachable box mag
  • Kryptek® Camouflage also available


  • Action Type: CheyTac® USA Long Action w/40 MOA Base
  • Effective Range: 2500+ Yards
  • Caliber: .408 CheyTac® & .375 CheyTac®
  • Sub MOA
  • Overall Length: 56 inches
  • Interchangeable Barrels:
    .408CT, 29″ fluted 1:10T
    .375CT, 29″ fluted 1:9.5T
  • Weight: 31 lbs (without optic)
  • Stock: Five (5) position fully adjustable stock w/ built in monopod
  • Trigger: Timney Elite Hunter, Adjustable 1.5lbs-4lbs, bottom safety
  • Cerakote Finish: Armor Black, Flat Dark Earth, O.D. Green
  • Custom Case included with one (1) magazine
  • NSN: 1-005-01-515-5774 (MSRP: $14,681.00) *Optic not included*

Okay, know that you know just as much as I do, let’s see just how this baby shoots!



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