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Hot Girls Shooting Automatic Weapons…Isn’t America Great!

The video below is an older one from back in 2013, but it’s a really good one! To me, nothing says “America” more than scantily clad girls shooting a whole bunch of guns! I mean, it’s the best of BOTH worlds, hot girls and guns…it just doesn’t get any better than that right?

Here’s what the produces of the video had to say about it:

Crystal and Jessica are really cute girls shooting some awesome weapons at battlefield Las Vegas. We took the women to the range to test out the x28 thermal rifle scope and the T-65 FLIR Thermal Scope Clip ON.

The girls shot the SAW M249 full automatic belt feed machine gun while wearing the famous bullet bra bikini. The SAW was equipped with the FLIR T65 and it held up great to the repeated firing.

Girls and guns make our country great don’t they? This is what the second amendment is all about hot chicks with weapons defending our freedom and the constitution of the United States of America.

The fun didn’t stop at the SAW. Jessica and Crystal shot the Chris Vector .45 ACP sub machine gun. The CV 45 is a wild looking close quarter combat rifle and mounted with the X28 thermal scope its a deadly tool.

The girls shot the Chris Vector .45 and did great. The big dog came out to play as well. The guys at pulled out the SCAR HEAVY .308 rifle platform. I think they were trying to bruise the poor girls.

We mounted up the T65 as a clip on thermal scope in front of the existing day optic and let the women go to town. Lead was flying and shell casings littered the floor. The girls got down on the floor and started collecting the casings to make jewelry and yes a new bullet bra!

To end the day we went into the secret gun vault bunker at battlefield to see their collection of weapons. They have every kind of gun you could imagine. .50 caliber machine guns, grenade launchers, historic weapons, custom rifles and even a Hello Kitty AK-47.




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