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If You Have A Car Or Truck With Keyless Entry And Push Button Ignition This Could Help Prevent Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

I know that this is a subject that I don’t normally write about, but after watching the video below, I thought it was something that all of us could benefit from.

Now, I’ve never owned a car with a push-button ignition, or I should say, since I’m just a poor journalist, I can’t afford a car, or truck, with a push button ignition.

That aside, to those of you who do own a car, or truck, like this, watch the video below, because it just might help prevent you from becoming a victim of car theft.

Here’s just how easy it is to steal a vehicle with a keyless entry fob and push button ignition:

Keyless entry systems are vulnerable to relay attacks. A relay attack is the use of technology to manipulate the vehicle’s key fob into unlocking and starting the vehicle. Here’s how it works:

  1. Two thieves approach a vehicle with hacking devices.
  2. Thief #1 stands next to the vehicle with a hacking device.
  3. Thief #2 stands up to 50 feet within the vehicle’s key fob with a hacking device.
    • It’s common for thieves to stand outside of a house or another building where the key fob is located. Hacking devices can work within 30-50 feet of a key fob. Some of the more sophisticated hacking devices can work within 300 feet of a key fob.
  4. Thief #1’s hacking device receives signals from the vehicle. Next, it relays the signals to thief #2’s hacking device.
  5. Thief #2’s hacking device sends the vehicle’s signals to the key fob.
  6. The key fob is tricked into thinking that the vehicle is nearby. The key fob sends out signals that allow entry into the vehicle.
  7. Thief #2’s device receives the key fob’s signals and then sends them to thief #1’s device.
  8. Thief #1’s device unlocks the vehicle and allows the thieves to start the ignition.
  9. The thieves get into the vehicle and drive away.

The whole process takes only a couple of minutes. Know what’s scary? These hacking devices are ridiculously easy to find. You can find them on Amazon and eBay for about $100.

Here is what you can do to prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle:

Ways To Avoid Relay Attacks

The good news is there are several ways to protect your car from relay attacks:

1. Block Your Key Fob’s Signals

There are devices you can place your key fob in to block its signals. For example, you can get a Faraday-style wallet or pouch. Michael Faraday was a British scientist who discovered that certain materials block the transmission of radio waves. These things also come in quite useful for protecting anything that contain RFID chips (such as credit cards).

Another option is a Faraday box. Faraday boxes, wallets or pouches are reasonably priced, and you’ll find several hundred of them available on Amazon. If you can remember to put your keys in the Faraday device, they are a great option. While this is a good solution, it’s not foolproof. It’s easy to forget to place your key fob in something that will block its signals. Thieves only need a couple of minutes to access your key fob with their hacking devices.
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Now, watch the video below and pay attention to what the man says, even though you just read the text above, I have found that a ‘visual’ works better for some people.

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