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Oh Yeah…Here Are 8 New Revolvers Just Revealed For 2023

Revolvers have been around for quite a while and the reason for that is simple- revolvers are reliable and simple to maintain. In today’s world of semi auto pistols, the revolver still holds it’s own and has withstood the test of time.

In the video below, they’re going to show you some new models that have recently come out, so that even if you are a first time gun owner looking for something to buy, or even if you are an experienced shooter, I’m sure you’ll see something that catches your fancy.

I’ve owned many revolvers in my lifetime and truth be told, I wish I had never gotten rid of them. I’ve been on the market for a good six gun lately, but with inflation the way it is, the longer I wait to buy, prices aren’t likely to drop any time soon.

Revolvers are back in style and this for real. More and more shooters appreciate the beauty of simplicity that you get with a wheel gun. They fall in love with the durability and the ease of use of them. So, if you are a first time gun buyer, you might want to pay attention to the video below, it might just give you some good ideas.

Here are some new revolvers you should look out for in 2023.



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