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If You Ever Shoot A Sasquatch…You Better Hire A Good Lawyer Because You’ll Need One

There are some who believe that “Bigfoot”, aka “Sasquatch”, is nothing but a figment of the imagination, to be ranked right up there with UFO’s and Elvis sightings. Most non-believers think Bigfoot is nothing but a deer hunters’, or loggers’ mistaken bear sighting after a night of too much to drink.

And that’s not even counting all of the tree-hugging, hippie types who (while trying to be ‘one with nature’) consume mass quantities of ‘magic mushrooms’, bang on drums and claim to see Bigfoot walk through ‘different dimensions’.

Are there ‘kooks’ out there who just want their 15 minutes of fame, sure, but those stories are easily torn apart by serious investigators who just want the truth. But the most damaging person to those that are serious field investigators, is the hoaxer, the guy that creates fake footprints and claims to have seen a sasquatch all the while thinking it’s a great prank to pull on the rest of us.

The most die-hard deniers always say- ‘why haven’t we found a dead sasquatch?’. I would say to those people, when was the last time you found a dead bear, cougar, or even a dead wolf when you were out in the woods?

The reason is quite simple, the forest, (especially in the Pacific Northwest) consumes it’s dead and leaves hardly any trace behind. Or, it could be, that these bipedal creatures bury their dead. But just because we haven’t found a body doesn’t mean that all of the creatures I mentioned in the paragraph above aren’t there, we know there are, we see their tracks and their scat and nesting sites.

So why the hesitation to believe that there is a large bipedal creature roaming around in the woods?

We have evidence and slowly, there are mainstream scientists’ that are starting to come around and admit that there IS is possibility that these creatures do exist because of all of the physical evidence we do have, e.g., casts of footprints, scat and hair samples.

Some say that the sasquatch is an animal, but there are those that contend that this creature is related to human beings on a genetic level, which in effect, makes them ‘human’. And ‘if’, they are a branch of the human tree, shooting one would be murder.

In Washington State, in 1969, Skamania County,  created ordinance 1969-01, a law that banned people from killing Bigfoot, should they ever find it. If they did, it would be considered a felony and the killer would be charged with said felony and if convicted, would be sentenced to five years in prison. Doesn’t seem like much of a punishment, does it?

Personally, in a sad kind of way, I hope we never do solve this mystery, because if we did, I’m pretty sure that we (human beings) would bring about their destruction. Because as we all know, human beings don’t like competition and usually, if we don’t like something, it isn’t around for very long.

But, all of that aside, enjoy the video, the accounts you will hear from, are from impeccable sources.



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