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The HERA H6…A German Side-Loading AR-Mag Folding Bolt Action Rifle

While I’m always on the lookout for a cool bolt action rifle, it seems that the folks at HERA Industries have come up with something really awesome!

I know I might seem a bit old fashioned to some, but bolt-action and lever-action guns are very reliable and the ammunition is still reasonably priced and very available.

It’s not that I don’t like semi automatic rifles, like I said, I’m just an ‘old school’ kind of guy.

In Case you aren’t familiar with HERA Industries, here’s a little information regarding them:

HERA GmbH was founded in 2008 in Lower Franconia by Thomas Nöth. After just two successful business years, we were able to expand into the European and US markets. In 2010 the company was renamed GMBH, and in 2016 HERA LLC was founded in Salt Lake City Utah. Formerly founded as a small company, we have a volume of more than 2,500m3 in our US logistics center in South Concord Park Bluffdale alone. With our local manufacturing and production sites, our internal capacities add up to almost 5,000m3. In order to remain competitive in the future, in addition to the existing capacities, an area of over 7,000m2 was developed as early as 2019.

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Here is some info on the HERA H6 Rifle:

The HERA H6 Rifle is the result of a cooperation between HERA GmbH Germany and VOERE Präzisionstechnik Austria. The outcome is one of the most modern and easy-to-handle hunting or sporting rifles of today in .223 REM or 300 BLK caliber.

Thanks to the modular M-Lok foreend, it is perfect for hunting from a hide or for mounting bipods / target tripods and is also compatible with all fore-ends of the AR15 series manufactured by HERA GmbH, which ensures high modularity and compatibility.

For example, handguards with real leather winding can be used, which further increases the grip. ​An additional spacer piece for adjusting the length of the buttstock is supplied for individual adjustment of the shoulder rest.

In addition, the Hera H6 has a polymer cheek rest and a 10-round magazine from our own production. In order to further increase the functionality, a folding stock adapter can be purchased as an accessory to fold the stock by 180 degrees.The H6 is also perfectly suited for mounting the HERA LINK system for mounting silencers from various manufacturer.

The H6 system also has a Picatinny rail mounted on the system housing and an A2 compensator. Available in black, sand and olive green.

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In the video below, James Reeves is at IWA talking with HERA Industries about their new AR-style bolt-action rifle that accepts AR mags…sideways! This is a true side loading and folding bolt action coming from Germany…to the United States!

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