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Here Are Some Of The Most Accurate Military Surplus Rifles You Can Buy

When it comes to military surplus rifles, it’s hard to go wrong when purchasing one. These weapons have been tested during war in the worst possible conditions imaginable and in most situations, even buying a 50 plus year old surplus rifle is always a pretty good investment.

In my lifetime I have owned several, a British Enfield .303, a Mosin Nagant Model 1891/1930 and lastly, the Yugo M48. All three of these rifles were in pretty good condition when I bought them and when I took them to the range, they never let me down when I pulled the trigger. Each one was very durable and was extremely accurate, so I had no complaints.

In the video below, Eric and Chad go over the most accurate military surplus rifles available on the market. These rifles represent not only highly collectable firearms but also ones that can outshoot many modern guns off the shelf.

There are far more good surplus rifles to be had than just the ones spotlighted in the video, so if you cruise your local pawnshop’s you are bound to find a few out these and most of (not all) the time, they’re in fairly good shape and even if they aren’t, a visit to a good gunsmith for a tune-up can get them back into fighting shape.

Since I knows Eric knows his stuff, watch the video and maybe you’ll see something that appeals to you.



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