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Here Are The 8 Best .308 Rifles for Hunting

In the video below, we’ll talk about the 8 Best Hunting Rifles chambered in .308 Winchester made today. One of the most popular rifle rounds of all time is the.308 Winchester. This short-action rifle cartridge was originally intended for military use.

However, it has proven itself to be a real powerhouse for hunting. This round is a tried-and-true workhorse even though it may look outdated to others. With the .308, hunters have taken down whitetail deer, black bears, and even elk.

This is a fantastic choice as an all-around hunting rifle when you consider the fact that the ammo is affordable and easily accessible at almost any place weapons and ammunition are sold.

We’ll briefly discuss the.308 calibers’ ballistics characteristics before stating the eight top recommendations for the.308 Winchester hunting rifles currently available.

We’ll also suggest the finest budgets and usage scenarios for these rifles. It’s difficult to go wrong with a .308 Winchester as your new hunting rifle, no matter what brand of rifle you decide on buying.

So, if you are in the market for a good .308 rifle but can’t decide on which one to buy, watch the video and hopefully you’ll see one that fits your lifestyle and budget.



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