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Here Is One Really Cool Off-Road Van Conversion That You Just Have To See

Back in the mid 1970’s, I was a total “Van guy”, in 1975 I had an awesome 1970 Ford Econoline van that was completely converted for camping, complete with queen-size bed, an icebox and the roof could pop up that had a hammock for a third person to sleep in.

I sold it when I went on active duty in the United States Army and went overseas to what was then “West Germany”.  When I got back from overseas at the end of October of 1978, I bought a 1966 Ford Econoline ‘Super Van’ that was also a good rig for traveling and camping.

It wasn’t as tricked-out as my first van, but it was paneled on the inside and had a queen size bed in the back, so I could haul all of my stuff and travel in relative comfort and didn’t have to worry about finding a motel to sleep in when I traveled from one post to the next.

The van in  the video below, puts both of my old van’s to shame…I mean that rig is some serious next-level stuff! So if you are one of those types that likes to travel and not worry about finding a motel to sleep in, then you really need to watch the video and check this sucker out…it has everything you would need to travel in complete comfort, on, or off-grid !!

Here’s what the producers of the video had to say about this van:

Bruce Banner the van is probably the most pimped up campervan I’ve seen. Starting it’s life as a jumbo LWB Sprinter van, it has been converted into the ultimate off-road, off-grid, go anywhere van conversion! On top of the usual modern mod cons like fridge, cooker, inside shower and out back shower, this van has so many epic and unique features such as its Wi Boost or its battery array, which has got to be the biggest lithium ion battery array I’ve seen in a van! But yeah, it has too many cool featured to list here, so you’ll just have to watch the video to find out more!

If you would like to learn how to build your own conversion van, then simply click HERE.



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