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This Is Something That You Just Have To See: A Live Fire Demonstration Of The Bond Arms Levergun

What would happen if you took an AR platform style rifle and combined it with a lever-action…then you would have the Bond Arms LVRB! Sound a little crazy, well hold your horses cowboy, this is coming to a gun store near you in the very near future!

The Bond Arms LVRB is projected to be available for sale at the end of 2023 at an estimated MSRP of $1499.  This is, of course, subject to change based on many factors, but still, a brand new Winchester lever action rifle costs between $1,600.00 to $1,900.00, so comparatively speaking, the Bond Arms LVRB even at their price would be a bargain.

Here’s what Gordon Bond (yeah THAT “Gordon Bond”) has to say about this new gun:

Why did we do this???

At Shot Show 2019, right before Covid, we were sitting around after the show and we started talking about, “If we built a Lever Action Long Gun”, what cool features would we want to add?  After discussing what things we liked about Lever Action guns, we started talking about how we could improve the features and performance.  Most Lever Action guns have a very long lever throw, so we thought it would be cool to do a Short Lever Throw that would actually be smoother than the normal long throw.  We also thought that it would be cool to utilize all the new technologies in play over the last 60 years with the AR market and make it a magazine fed system.

Little did we know that cycling a 5 round magazine was easy, but cycling a 30 round magazine with a lever gun was nearly impossible.

We spent over a year redesigning the lever system and actually came up with a very clever cam system that will aggressively extract a round out of a 30 round magazine with no problem and it allowed for a very short throw even with the longest rounds.  It was so good, we did a patent pending on this and several other things we discovered going through this design process.  Also, with all the interchangeable barrels we have with our current guns, we wanted to make it easily convertible to other calibers to add more cool factor.

As soon as you cycle the lever and pull the trigger, you know you have just felt the future of Lever Action guns.

You will find just as 1000’s of others at Shot Show found, that this might just be the shortest, sweetest, crispest trigger, lever gun they have ever held.

When you get the chance to try one out, you’ll be hooked.

-Gordon Bond

Here’s some more info fron from Bond Arms:

More specific features of the Bond Arms LVRB include:
– A rotating bolt for strength and precision.
– Chambering of modern cartidges.
– User configurability and modification.
– Utilization of modern materials.

The result is compatibility with the AR-15 platform in components critical to changings calibers, including barrels, bolts, and magazines. While there is also compatibility with AR-15 upper receivers and handguards, there is an additional opportunity to optimize these components for this application by eliminating the gas system and moving sighting systems almost a 1/2in closer to the bore.

*Controls: A linkage results in a magazine release location and feel familiar to AR-15 shooters, while also having an ambidextrous release.

*Safeties: The system utilizes the out-of-battery safety inherent in conventional AR-15 bolt carriers, as well as, both manual and grip safeties.

*Lever Loop/Stock: The lever loop is user configurable both for personal preference, and to match readily available Remington 870 stocks.

*Compliance: While the system was originally envisioned as a quiet and fast handling suppressor host (also allowing full capacity in short barrel configurations, unlike traditional lever actions), ironically the same manual action resulted in a compliant design for restrictive states.

*Caliber: Although likely initially launching in 5.56, 300 Blackout, and a large bore offering, the platform will support any chambering using a standard rotating AR-15 bolt.

Okay, now that you’re all worked-up, let’s watch the video below and see just what this baby can do!

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