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Watch As Scott Shoots The Ridiculously HUGE William Christian Firearms 4 Bore Falling Block Rifle

As we will see in the video below, Scott has completely recovered from his near fatal accident from 2 years ago. Now, we all know that Scott loves his ‘Big Bore’ guns, whether they be centerfire rifles, or massively ridiculous shotguns, Scott’s motto is “bigger IS better”.

I’m just glad to hear that Scott has fully recovered and is back to doing what he loves best, shooting massively ridiculous BIG BORE guns!

Today he’s pulled out all the stops and will be shooting the absolutely massive William Christian Firearms 4 Bore Falling Block Rifle!

Here is a description of the this rifle:

The venerable 4 bore cartridge is one of the largest shoulder fired calibers ever built. Designed for dangerous game hunting in British colonial Africa and India, the 4 bore launches a 1,750 grain projectile at around 1,350 feet per second, making it capable of imparting a massive amount of energy on target. This rifle shows a ramped blade front sight, front sling stud, and rear quarter rib with fixed notch sight. The barrel is marked “WM. CHRISTIAN FIREARMS LTD. NO. 4” ahead of the rib and “4 BORE” to the left ahead of the breech. The falling block action is unadorned and features a tang mounted safety switch. Beautifully figured, multi-point checkered forend and pistol grip stock with blued steel grip cap, shadowline cheekpiece, rear sling stud, and brown rubber Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. The rifle weighs in at 21 lbs. 9 oz.

I know alot of you ask, “where can I buy one of these guns”, the answer to that question is, you’ll only find one at auction and it might be a little bit too spendy for alot of us Joe sixpack deer hunters to buy.

But regardless, kick back and watch as Scott shoots this beast!



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