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Here Are Some Really Good Concealed Carry Handguns For Seniors

Now, before we get going here, I want to clarify something. If you are 65 and older, the best concealed carry gun is one that you feel comfortable with, for whatever reason. If you like larger caliber handguns and you practice with it frequently by going to the range, then that is the one you should conceal carry.

But if you’ve never concealed carry before, but feel that you need to, then by all means, pay attention to the video below, if only to get some ideas.

The best concealed carry handgun I can recommend for senior citizens suffering from arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome is one that is custom-tuned by a gunsmith. If they prefer a pistol, its recoil spring can be replaced with a lighter recoil spring to make it easier to rack its slide.

If they prefer a revolver, its fire control group can be polished and its mainspring can be replaced with a lighter mainspring for a smoother and lighter double-action trigger pull. Of course, doing such customizations may result in stovepipes and feeding issues in pistols and light primer strikes in revolvers, but those are topics for another day.

So to conclude, as I said earlier, the best gun for concealed carry is the one you feel most comfortable with, no matter the caliber. Speaking only for myself, my home defense handgun is a 1911, but for concealed carry, I prefer a .380, but that’s just me.



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