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Here’s Something You’ll Really Like…Meet The Montana Craftsmen Who Made The Quigley Rifle

Call me a sentimental old coot if you will, but I would give my right arm to own a Shiloh Sharps rifle! These rifles aren’t massed produced in some factory in China, these are American rifles made in America! Before you watch the video below, I want you to read the text below, it comes directly from the their website

Well let me introduce ourselves and answer that question for you!

Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing is a family owned business that has been established since 1976, and is the recognized leader in the quality production and craftsmanship of the incomparable Sharps Rifle. Each of our customers are special too us and we take great care in custom building a rifle to their desired specs and needs. When you purchase a Shiloh Sharps from us, you will carry with you a piece of history and the finest long range, competition and hunting rifle in the world. We are always a phone call away with tech support and any assistance that we may provide you and a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

Our Company manufactures everything from our own barrels down to the screws we use to assemble your rifle. In 1996 we started our own Foundry and so all your sharps parts are cast in house which makes the quality control exceptional. We built this Foundry as the last step in producing everything in house. Each part that goes into your rifle is cast out of 4140 steel and then taken next door (Shiloh) to our machine shop where the work begins. When we built this foundry it took us 5,000 pounds of steel and 6 months of sweat and hard work to cast the first rifle parts that would finally meet our high standards and our customer’s expectations. Once we finally met this, the sky was the limit and we were off and running.

When a new order starts production we give you a serial number and then our wood fitters hand select the wood grade of your choice, inlet the stock and begin to hand fit each part. Our wood is American black walnut and comes out of Lincoln Missouri. During this time our barrel guys will start work on your barrel. The desired barrel length, weight and caliber. We use the best steel on the market which is specially made too our grade specs. Each of our barrels are carefully drilled using a machine that began its service to America in 1939 producing military barrels during World War II. Once your wood has been properly fit and bedded it will then go into our sanding room where our wood craftsman will hand sand the wood and work it in ways that is unbelievable. Our wood to metal fit is extraordinary and done with great care. No matter what grade of wood and if you have chosen a basic model with no upgrades or you have added upgrades, each one is handled with the same degree of work and care.

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To see just where these magnificent rifles come from, watch the video below and afterwards, if you say ‘no big deal’, then you aren’t really an American. You can hunt, target shoot, or just mount it on your wall, no matter what you do with a Shiloh Sharps rifle, rest assured that you own a genuine piece of American history!!



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