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Watch As Massad Ayoob Asks The Question: Are Revolvers Still Relevant ?

The revolver has been around for quite a while and the reason for that…is that they are reliable as all get-out! I’m not saying semi-auto pistols aren’t as good, they are and I own a 1911 and I trust it with my life, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Revolver sales are going strong — and for good reason! Here are some reasons revolvers make very good sense for concealed carry, self and home defense.

While a revolver surrenders capacity to a semi-auto and some say the definition of an optimist is a revolver owner who thinks he can reload in a gunfight, the wheelgun is the most user-friendly  firearm money can buy. For millions of Americans who can’t, or won’t be bothered to master a semi-automatic, a revolver is the right choice.

With proper care and feeding, a modern semi-automatic pistol is a supremely reliable firearm. But a semi has a lot more moving parts — bits that can become damaged or wear-out — than a revolver.

Yes, revolvers can fail, but the bottom line remains: a revolver is more reliable than a semi-automatic handgun. Not to mention the fact that you can’t “forget” to do anything to a revolver before shooting (aside from loading and having one). And if a revolver doesn’t fire for some reason, you just pull the trigger again.

Some gun guys reject the idea of “stopping power.” Shot placement is everything. Period. And there’s no question that it’s generally more difficult to shoot a double-action revolver accurately than a relatively light-triggered semi-automatic pistol. But all things being equal, it’s better to shoot a bad guy with a bigger bullet than a smaller one (they make a bigger hole).

If you have a concealed carry permit and want compact (i.e., easily concealable) stopping power, you can carry a .357-firing snub-nosed revolver in your pocket. There are relatively small .45 ACP semi carry guns, but you can’t buy a .357 magnum semi-automatic “mouse gun” for personal defense pocket carry. And as far as shot placement/accuracy goes, it’s a lot easier to dry fire ‘practice’ with a revolver than a semi-automatic pistol. Practice really does make a difference and that’s the best way to improve your shooting.

The folks at Wilson Combat had this to say about the video below:

One of the questions we get at Wilson Combat constantly is “Are double action revolvers still relevant?” Massad Ayoob grew up shooting revolvers and is still a fan. He is enjoying the 3-inch 2020 Colt Python with the new Wilson Combat rear and front Sights. Mas points out many positives of revolvers.

*Critical Mas(s) with Massad Ayoob is a show that provides expert analysis over a wide range of contemporaneous topics related to civilian and law enforcement self-defense, the use of force, and second amendment issues, provided by a renowned and established author with a career spanning decades in training law enforcement officers and the public at large, who is frequently called upon to provide expert witness testimony.

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